Initial thoughts on KDE/Plasma 6 with Wayland

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I installed F40 a couple of days ago, using the distro-upgrade path. It
went smoothly with no installation issues. I'm on an Intel board with

All in all, the user experience seems smoother (faster) than the
previous version wih X11. However there are two things that bother me.
They may or may not be related:

1) As noted before, session save/restore does not work. This is pretty
much expected, if disappointing. I hope the workaround is fixed soon as
it's a significant impediment for me. For some reason, Firefox with
multiple windows *does* start correctly, but nothing else does (neither
KDE apps nor Evolution, which is GTK-based).

2) Resuming after hibernation works only partially. Most things are
recovered (including Evolution), but among those I use Konsole and
Dolphin simply don't. They just aren't there when I resume and have to
be started manually. Interestingly, I tried using Gnome and starting
both of these apps in the Gnome environment, and they both *do* restore
correctly after hibernation.

In all cases I'm using SDDM as desktop manager.

I've no explanation for why this is happening.

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