Re: Plasma crashes

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dmesg: read kernel buffer failed: Operation not permitted

On Tue, 2024-04-23 at 13:04 +0100, Sérgio Basto wrote:
> On Tue, 2024-04-23 at 08:29 +0100, Mark @ GMail wrote:
> > I don't remember that being a problem.  Mouse movement in Wayland
> > with
> > my nvidia card seemed ok.  I'll have another look when I update to
> > F40.
> > 
> please check if you got simpledrm enabled 
> #dmesg | grep simple
> [    1.212839] [drm] Initialized simpledrm 1.0.0 20200625 for simple-
> framebuffer.0 on minor 0
> [    1.213422] simple-framebuffer simple-framebuffer.0: [drm] fb0:
> simpledrmdrmfb frame buffer device
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