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Hi Fedora Guru's

I have a client that makes everyone run (ugh) windows laptops

I have managed to work around almost everythiing I need to access so I can use my Linux laptop, the last remaining hurdle is the VPN

The windows laptop runs the GlobalProtect VPN

I created a Fedora 39 VM in VMWare workstation (on my Fedora 39/KDE host / laptop) just in case I mess up the network.

I created a new VPN connection by right clicking on the network icon on the task bar going to "Configure Network Connections"

then I added a new connection and selected "PAN Global Protect (openconnect)" as the connection type

go to

I added the gateway, saved the connection and rebooted the VM, now I can go to networks and click connect on the new connection, then I can add my username and passwd and just like the windows VPN it sends a code to my phone and asks me to enter the code, and it connects successfully!

However once connected I cannot ssh to any of the network servers such as our jump box, I can successfully ping it but I cannot ssh to it

Anyone have any ideas how to debug this?  Maybe there is some sort of CA cert or profile file I need from the windows laptop?

Thanks in advance
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