Re: Plasma 6 and related releases (well done)

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On 3/3/24 11:11, José Abílio Matos wrote:
Just a small note to say thank you to the KDE SIG. :-)

I have been using Fedora 40 since before the branching. My desktop is Plasma Wayland.

What I liked about the big release:

* Most of the update process was quite smooth.

* Things, read applications and desktop, just work.

* I really like some of the new features. The Overview effect in particular is a nice way to re-arrange windows between desktops (even with multiple screens).

* With the last updates there is some kind of session management that is coming to Plasma Wayland.

Did they ever get screen sharing working completely?  Last time I tried
(Fedora 38, IIRC) Zoom sharing with Google Chrome failed when I put a
slide deck into presentation mode.  (Audience just saw a black screen.)

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