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On 1/27/24 21:05, Michael Eager wrote:
On 1/27/24 15:55, Timothy M Butterworth wrote:
Fedora is a cutting edge distro, specifically for testing and development of upstream software. If you want a daily production OS then you should change to Red Hat Enterprise Desktop, Debian or SUSE. There are many production oriented distros available.  I happen to prefer SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop! I do not care much for Red Hat Enterprise Desktop's GUI. It is not GNOME 2 and it is not GNOME 3, what is it? SUSE has KDE in addition to GNOME and I prefer KDE.

Once upon a time, CentOS was that stable production-oriented system.

CERN has decided to do their own LINUX after the change to CENTOS-stream. After the adventures wit Scientific LINUX we will see how that goes.

KDE is claiming that they are the only support for X11. What are the others going to do?
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