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Am 29.01.24 um 11:36 schrieb Patrick O'Callaghan:
Session restore stuff will be enhanced over time, I imagine.
I cannot stress enough that this is*basic functionality*  for a desktop
system. It's standard across Windows and MacOS systems and users expect
it to work (even if it doesn't work very well on Xorg). I simply do not
understand how people use desktops that don't implement this. Are they
really restarting every app*manually*  every time they log in? I find
this astonishing.

Yes, I restart everything I need everytime. But tbf, I also slowly close
everything over the last about half an hour before turning it off, so it
wouldn't be all too useful.

Besides, the only program I really have ALWAYS open is my browser.
Everything else is sometimes open sometimes not, depending on what I am

Kilian Hanich
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