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I'm loving Plasma Mobile, and I want to do a writeup on it, but there is one critical thing missing, possibly.  An easy way to connect to a new wifi spot.

On a regular Plasma Desktop (with plasma-nm installed) to connect to a new wifi you click on the network icon, you see a list of wifi networks.  You click on "connect" and a pop up asks you for the password, you type in the password, and you are connected.

On Plasma Mobile, you click on the wifi button, and if you don't have your wifi setup, literally nothing happens.  You have to click on "Settings" which pulls up the generic plasma settings.  Scroll down and select "Connections", find the little + at the bottom, select "Wifi" and "+Create", click on SSID, find the correct SSID and select it.  Change tabs to "Wifi Security" put in the password, decide whether you want it just for you (default) or for anyone on the computer, then click "Save"
Can you see why I really don't want to put that into my writeup.

It's very possible I don't have something installed and/or setup correctly.  And if that is so, please tell me.

It's also possible nothing has been written yet.  If so, can someone point me to the write place to start helping with this?  All my searches keep leading me to wifi not working in general, nothing about it being hard to setup.

Thank you for any help/feedback
Troy Dawson

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