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On Wed, 2023-12-13 at 04:55 +0000, George R Goffe wrote:
> Thanks for the responses.

> It's definitely still alive so PLEASE don't ignore it.
> This problem has just appeared with version 4.0 which was released
> about a year ago.

As I mentioned previously, this doesn't appear to be in the standard
repos. Where did you get it? Presumably it has Bug URL, which the
package info would tell you about. That might be a better place to
report this.

PLEASE don't reply to message digests. Your reply is completely
detached from the original thread because it doesn't follow the normal
header conventions. Simply editing the Subject line is not enough.

(Also, you quoted the entire digest, which tends to happen when people

If you must use digests, then use your mail client to reply to the
specific message. Most modern MUAs can do this and will preserve the
correct headers.

Better still: don't use digests. They are an obsolete kludge from the
days of UUCP and dial-up modems and with always-on connectivity they
really make no sense.

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