KDE wayland recent update break with rpmfusion nvidia drivers

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I have been seeing issues with being force out of plasma wayland
back to the login prompt after a ~10s of logging in.

I have raise 2 bugs:
• fedora kde - 2252447 – kwin_wayland hangs with nvidia 545 driver desktop unusable 1
• rpmfusion nvidia - 6807 – The nvidia 545 driver crashes kwin_wayland 2

As the nvidia driver had updated from the 535 to the 545 versions
I guessed they were at fault. But a comment from the nvidia
driver maintainer suggested that its a recent KDE change that is

I had already down grade from 545 to 535 nvidia drivers, but some issues persisted.
Now I testing with downgraded kde-wayland and that seems to give be stablity.
i.e. I can login and stay logged in.

My next test, tomorrow, will be to put back the 545 drivers and see if old
kde-wayland and lastest nvidia work.

Anyone else seeing issues?

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