Broken Discrete/Dedicated GPU support

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Hey people,

KDE recently merged in more support for discrete GPUs through swicheroo-control and I noticed that the logic both KDE and Gnome use does not probe if the GPU is actually discrete/dedicated or not, only if it was used at startup.

On Desktop setups, it's not uncommon to see a discrete/dedicated GPU as the default and an integrated GPU on the side, which both desktop environments would assume to be the better one, with Gnome even adding a context option to "Launch using Dedicated Graphics Card" when in reality it would use the integrated GPU.

I've looked into contributing to fix the issue, but from the outside, it appears that RedHat is no longer interested in spending resources on it, essentially leaving it unmaintained for the time being.

This issue isn't new and has been bothering users for a while:

Does anyone know if there is something that can be done about this?

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