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On 7/15/23 22:16, Scott Beamer wrote:
> On 7/14/23 11:16 PM, Benson Muite wrote:
>> On 7/15/23 01:09, Scott Beamer wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>> I've been meaning to address this for quite some time now.  I finally
>>> remembered today.
>>> Every Linux distro I've ever used including Arch, Debian, KDE neon,
>>> openSUSE, and (K)ubuntu that has KDE Plasma in it's repos, includes the
>>> "Hack" font.  It's the default font in Konsole.
>>> That's not the case in Fedora.  In Fedora the default font in Konsole is
>>> Noto Sans Mono.
>>> Now Hack *is* in the Fedora repo [1], but it's not installed by default.
>> Hack fonts were recently added to Fedora.  So it is now possible to make
>> it default font for Konsole, though changing Konsole font can also be
>> done directly to use another monospace font.
> From what i recall, that was a few years ago.
> I'm fully aware that I can change fonts in Konsole.  That's the norm for
> terminal apps.  I just think it should be more consistent with upstream
> KDE.
One can change the default monospace font for the spin from Noto
As an example Deepin adds a font configuration file to:

There is a tool to allow you to make changes per language:
as not all fonts cover glyphs in every language.  Hack fonts have fewer
glyphs than Noto, hence the choice to use Noto as default.

The following was recently added and may also be of interest:
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