External screen changing resolution upon wake from sleep

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I have just installed Fedora 38 KDE spin on a Dell XPS 17

I had issues with the laptop screen never waking from sleep, that was while I was using Plasma X11, switching from X11 to Wayland seems to have fixed the blank laptop screen after sleep issue. However, now I see this.

- I have my power settings as follows:

dim screen after 5min

screen energy saving = switch off after 10min

suspend session = lock screen after 10min

after the screens had both gone off for some time I unlocked the screens and found that the external screen had changed resolution to match the laptop screen, system settings -> display and monitor showed that the previous resolutions available for the external monitor greater than that of the external monitor were no longer available, so I have to reboot to get them back as options

Thanks in advance for any help
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