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What's the best way to mount remote filesystems?

I'm using nfs but it seems really slow and when I mentioned it (here?
somewhere else?) there was a quite negative response about nfs itself.

It's possible I'm just seeing the difference between my local (solid
state) disk on a fast machine and the remote (spinny disk) filesystem
on a slower remote machine (they're only about six inches apart on a
1Gb network connection, so it's not *very* remote).  However, with
"remote" website directories mounted locally they're much slower with
my local webserver than with the one on that slower machine, so I'm
inclined to suspect nfs... is that unfair?

(I know this isn't a particularly KDE related issue.  Please don't make
me rejoin the Fedora list, they're really mean!)

Both machines are running F37, both updated every week.
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