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On 02/03/2023 12:29, John Pilkington wrote:
On 02/03/2023 09:56, Klaus Kolle wrote:

I've just upgraded my notebook with the latest portion of KDE updates. Now the kded5 dies with a segmentation fault when I try to connect my Wifi.

What can be the cause and how can I repair it?

I don't want to hijack, but

I'm having problems too, in fully upgraded f36.  Several times this week I have found the system unresponsive, both to the keyboard and ssh, and have had to power-down and reboot, after which all has seemed ok.

Maybe this could be nVidia related.  Monitor and android tv are using rpmfusion 470xx, and screen allocation is unstable wrt TV power status...

My problem may have gone away. I installed nvidia-470xx-kmod-470.161.03-2.fc36 from the rpmfusion-testing repo, and waited until the akmods jobs seemed to have completed before a (slow) reboot. After that the system has ran for the past day.

Since then I have rebooted twice; the first reboot paused for 6 minutes running an akmods-shutdown.service/stop job, but a second reboot was much quicker and seems ok.

That seems unlikely to fix other problems.  Good luck...

John P

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