KDE Plasma (Fedora 37) performance on Raspberry Pi 4

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I got a Raspberry Pi 4 board with 8 GB RAM today, and tried both KDE Plasma and Fedora Workstation images on it. While the workstation (with Gnome) works pretty well, the Plasma desktop is quite sluggish when it comes to graphics. Moving windows around a bit fast, tool-tip popups on taskbar elements etc. are noticeably sluggish and have significant response delays. Gnome desktop does not have any such issues.

Both are running the same kernel versions. But they are two different images (both downloaded from Fedora website), so I don't know if there are any relevant differences in the pre-installed packages.

Any ideas on how to rectify this? I was on KDE/X11 most of the time, and during a brief testing with KDE/Wayland, it didn't fare any better.


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