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It certainly should because those look like the right options.

However, it doesn't matter whether I select "Switch to that Virtual
Desktop" or (nonsensically) "Bring window to current Virtual Desktop",
it always does the latter.

In fact the  "Switch" option was the one already selected, but no, this
doesn't work, even though it looks like the right option.

What else can I say?  I have four virtual desktops.  These programs are
set to open in a specific desktop in the application settings accessed
with the context menu of their windows.

Since this should be the right option, should I log a bug report?


On Fri, 2023-02-17 at 16:42 +0100, Marc Deop i Argemí wrote:
> On Friday, 17 February 2023 14:35:23 CET Mark @ GMail wrote:
> > It didn't used to do this, and it's not what I want, but I can see
> > some
> > might want that, so is it an option somewhere?  If so, where?
> Window Management - Window Behaviour - Advanced - Virtual Desktop
> Behaviour
> Does that fix it? :-)
> Marc
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