Re: Syslog socket fails

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On Sat, 2023-02-04 at 21:59 -0500, Garry T. Williams wrote:
> I don't run any syslog daemon -- I just use the system journal.  But
> I
> suspect that if rsyslog is active (running), then there is no way to
> obtain the socket that it is using.  I do not know why you want to do
> such a thing, if the daemon is already running.
> -- 
> Garry T. Williams

Hmm, of course, you're right.  Once I stopped syslog (rsyslog stopped
as a result, I think I read somewhere it's just a link) then I could
start the socket, brilliant!

Of course, now the question is how to start the socket before the
syslog itself during boot?

Why do I want it to run at all?  I want to receive the log from my home

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