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On 2023-01-02 06:20, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
I have the Window Behaviour action for middle-click on the title bar
set to "Toggle raise and lower", but some GTK-3 apps ignore this
setting for certain windows. One example is the Compose window in the
Evolution groupware suite.

To see what I mean, try the gtk3-demo app (from the gtk3-devel package)
which also shows this behaviour under KDE but not under Gnome.


I noticed this in the last couple of days with F37 under Wayland. I found this with Firefox and Konsole so it may not be just GTK-3 apps.

I have not had time to do more tests but it is very frustrating as I use the title bar shading for productivity and focus which is mainly lost now.

On this present desktop Title Bar shading won't work in Konsole, galculator, Okular and Firefox.

What is more interesting is if I click on the panel and go to the Application > More, Shade is not an available option for any of these programs.

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