Request for testing: Fedora 37 pre-Beta validation tests

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Hey folks!

So we're in freeze for Fedora 37 Beta now, and the first go/no-go
meeting should be on September 8.

It would be really great if we can get the validation tests run now so
we can find any remaining blocker bugs in good time to get them fixed.
Right now the blocker list looks short, but there are definitely some
tests that have not been run.

You can use the testcase_stats view to find tests that need running:

For each validation test set (Base, Desktop etc.) it shows when each
test was last performed. So you can easily look for Basic and Beta
tests that have not yet been run. We need to run all of these.

You can enter results using `relval report-results`, or edit the
summary results page at . That's a
redirect link which will always point to the validation results page
for the currently-nominated compose, which right now is 20220826.n.0.

Sumantro will be running a validation 'test week' starting on
Wednesday, so you can drop by the Fedora Test Day room on to hang out with other testers and get any help
you need in testing. See
for that announcement.

Thanks folks!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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