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On 7/5/22 6:00 PM, Emmett Culley wrote:
Wayland doesn't seem to be totally ready for primetime so I us X11.

I just updated my worksation to the latest, which included a lot of KDE and plasma update, But Dolphin still doesn't show a paste option.

Howver I just found that if I select coopy for a directory, the Paste one directory option does show up in the context menu.

Copyq contains the same info as for a file, so now I am pretty convinced it isn't copyQ that is the problem.

Since no one else seemse to be seeing this I have to assume it is a configuration issue.  And I have no idea at this point where to look.  Especially as pasting a copied directory does work.


On 7/3/22 3:11 PM, Colin J Thomson wrote:
On Sunday, 3 July 2022 22:57:08 BST Emmett Culley wrote:

I can repeat it every time.  Go to my home directory in dolphin, right click
on a file and select copy, then right click in the file list, and no way to
paste that copied file is in the context meu.  I use CopyQ and I do see
that cop;y selection did get into the list.  The list shows
file:///home/emmett/temp to be pasted.  If I paste that into a konsole
command line I see that text.  Not sure what should happen in that case,
but I suspect that is my issue.
Out of curiosity are you using Wayland as it works fine here on X11.


Thinking this might be a copyQ issue I stopped copyQ and started klipper.  Still no paste choice in context menu after copyinf a file in dolphin.

No one esle is seeing this?

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