Upside down cursors with Rawhide live image

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I've found a rather peculiar problem recently introduced in Rawhide.

Running KDE Live Image under virt-manager, when OpenGL and 3D acceleration are enabled, the cursors are showed upside down and out of position (it is hard to click on the selected point).

To reproduce the problem:
- download a Rawhide KDE Live Image (I used Fedora-KDE-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-20220702.n.0.iso)
- set up a new machine under virt-manager
- at the first run, the live image will be run with OpenGL and 3D acceleration disabled, so you should not notice the problem
- shutdown the machine and change the following settings: Spice Screen -> Listen type: None + OpenGL flag enabled; Virtio Video -> 3D Acceleration flag enabled
- run the machine with the new settings and see the upside down cursors

It may be possible it is related to specific hardware configurations. In my case the OpenGL under Spice is using AMD/ATI Cezanne render.

I'm unsure if this should be reported as virt-manager problem, or under some KDE component... this isn't reproducible with Gnome Live image, so I'd guess it is Plasma Wayland related?


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