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On Tue, 2022-04-12 at 09:02 +0200, Vitaly Zaitsev wrote:
> On 11/04/2022 23:09, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> > It does open a window, but that seems to be unrelated to any
> > existing
> > browser session and I don't know where I would enable cookies if
> > that
> > was the problem.
> KDE Settings -> Network -> Settings -> Cookies. Check the "Enable 
> cookies" checkbox and then press Apply.

Interestingly, when I tried that I got (after a delay of about a

"Unable to retrieve information about the cookies stored on your

I've no idea if that's related to my earlier problem (which has now
been fixed). I don't use Konqueror so it may not matter.

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