Re: KDE manual session saving seems to be missing

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On Wed, 2022-03-02 at 07:20 +0000, George R Goffe wrote:

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> Patrick,
> Thank you for responding.
> I think I'm using X11 since I manually issue a "startx" command and
> am using my ".xinitrc" file

In that case, you're using X11. Calling startx manually is not the
normal way of running things these days. Unless there's some special
reason for doing this, it's better to use a display manager. In the
case of KDE, the recommended one is sddm:

$ systemctl enable sddm

and reboot (not strictly necessary but the easiest given that it's not
clear what environment you're currently running). The login screen will
show a menu of desktop options (lower left in the case of sddm), and
you can select Plasma or Gnome, using Wayland or X11.

> How do you start Wayland? How do you tell if you're running Wayland

See above.

> By the way, one of "our" other mailing list viewers (Sérgio
> Basto <sergio@xxxxxxxxxx>) pointed me to this solution and it's
> working GREAT. Thanks to him AND you for your help!

What solution?

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