KDE critical path barely defined

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I noticed today that openQA KDE tests for F34 updates were failing.
After a bit of investigation I found the bug had been filed and is in
the process of being fixed:


However, ideally, the bug should never have made it to stable. If
openQA tests had run on the initial update, they would have failed and
gating would have prevented the update going stable.

openQA didn't run on the broken update because the package - qt5-
qtwayland - is not marked as critical path. We only run openQA tests on
critical path updates at present due to capacity limitations.

I've sent a PR to add qt5-qtwayland to the critpath definition:

but in so doing I noticed the critical-path-kde group is almost empty.
This means when other KDE components are updated, we're not running the
openQA tests and so we won't catch if they break. It would be much
better if someone could come up with a list of critical KDE packages
and populate the group, so that we would properly test and gate updates
with a decent chance of breaking KDE.

Can someone help produce such a list? Thanks!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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