Re: Missing Wireless Applet

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On 1/22/22 14:34, Luigi Toscano wrote:
Sérgio Basto ha scritto:
On Sat, 2022-01-22 at 11:02 -0500, Richard Kimberly Heck wrote:
Hi, all,

I'm using KDE on Fedora 35, and I have no applet for choosing an
point. I believe that should be the Network Manager applet. It's

kf5-networkmanager-qt.x86_64 5.89.0-1.fc35            @updates

but I do no see it in the system tray.
in configure system tray -> entries -> look at there .
In addition to checking in the tray, please note that kf5-networkmanager-qt is
a library which makes it easier for C++/Qt programs to use NetworkManager. The
Plasma applet is part of the plasma-nm package, even that should have been
installed together with the rest of Plasma when following the documented steps.

For whatever reason, that did not get installed. Thanks for the tip!


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