KDE, Android Studio & window corruption

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Is anyone else (still) seeing this?

Opening AS almost always starts off with the window being corrupt and
the window items being un-clickable. Closing and re-opening AS once (or
sometimes twice) generally resolves the issue.

I have been pointed to the link


To help with this window corruption. It has sort-of worked, improving,
but mostly not entirely fixing the problem. Very occasionally the AS
opens correctly first time, more often it still requires closing and
re-opening to function correctly. Recently it's been worse to be point
of hardly being usable, half a dozen close/open cycles being required
to get to a usable window.

The fix is a little odd since it refers to a Java 7 (* previous)
shortcoming, and I'm using the AS embedded version, which is 11.
However, since it's not really fixing things now, I'm wondering if
someone here has something more reliable?
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