hey, do we have plans for graphical upgrades under KDE?

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    @XmasterTrade: @mattdm Hi, Why does Fedora not have any GUI for updating
        their OS version? Wouldn't this be a better and easier way of updating?

    @mattdm: We do! You can start the update process from GNOME Software. There
        will be a prompt after the release is official.

    @XmasterTrade: Thanks @mattdm. But, this is only for the main workstation
        that runs GNOME. Right? What about the spins like KDE? Thanks in
        advance :)

I suppose I can suggest that they run GNOME Software under KDE, which should
work (right?) but doesn't _really_ seem like the solution. Are there any
plans for something here?

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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