Fedora 35 status and testing needed

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Hi folks! Just wanted to give an update on Fedora 35 status and beg for
testing :D

We are now down to either one or two blocker bugs. They are in quite
specific areas so the fixes will not be hugely impactful to anything
else. I'm hoping to be able to run an RC compose later today (Tuesday).
However, we're also only 2 days from go/no-go.

Given this, it'd be super helpful if people could help get the
validation tests run on the current nominated nightly compose. We don't
need to wait for an RC to run most tests; for the more complicated or
trickier tests, we can run them now against a nightly and the results
can be counted so long as nothing relevant changes in the RC.

I've just manually nominated the most recent compose (20211018.n.0) for
testing; it won't have the fixes currently in updates-testing (mainly
for plasma-discover), so take that into account. You can see the
summary page (which shows results from all individual pages) here:


you can enter results by editing individual sections from that page
(the wiki will automagically edit the correct individual page), or by
using the relval tool - just 'dnf install relval' then 'relval report-

You can look for tests that really need to be run here:


each of the pages there shows a sort of 'over time view' of the test
cases of that type, showing when it was most recently run and a little
chart view that illustrates which composes the test has been run on and
what the results were (green for pass, orange for warn, red for
failed). Look out for tests that have release level 'Basic', 'Beta' or
'Final' and which have not been run recently or at all; these are the
ones to focus on. For instance, at
https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/testcase_stats/35/Desktop.html we can
see that several of the desktop tests have not yet been run on aarch64;
it'd be great if anyone with an aarch64 system capable of running
Workstation could run those tests and add the results.

Thanks everyone!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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