WTF "Executing Dolphin with kdesu is not possible due to unfixable security vulnerabilities"

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I updated my workstation (fedora 34) this morning and when I tried to run dolphin as root I saw the above message.

What are the KDE developers thinking?  I am a developer (30 years) and am often needing to alter something on my workstation as root.  What possible reason would the dophin devloper have to prevent me from doing that?

It is not as if a new KDE user might accidentally enable that functionality.  Who the heck (putting it extremely mildly) are they trying to protect?

I used to use Konqueror until this same thing happened.  Konqueror had advantages, like profiles, that made it hard to give up, but I did give it up because I needed occasional root access more than I needed profiles.  Why should I have to change my ways because some developers have a nanny complex.

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