Sound problem in KDE

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I have run into an odd problem.

I listen to music from Tidal in Falkon. I use Zoom and other video conference systems. I watch videos, e.g. youtube in Firefox (my main browser) and watch streamed TV in Chrome. (Yes I know its a lot of different applications, but this is what works for me.)

When I change from one application to another there is no sound. I can go to the Volume settings in the systray and switch to another output and then back and the sound is back on for this source. Next time I switch to another application, it is all the same procedure to get the sound working.

Where do I start to search for a cause of this annoying problem? How can I fix it?

Note: I'm running Fedora 33 completely updated. It's an rather old installation that I have upgraded over the years.

Laptop is a Lenovo C740 with a dock through the USB interface. Analogue sound output to amplifier is taken on the dock.


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Klaus Kolle

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