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On Thursday, 8 July 2021 21.45.05 WEST Mark @ GMail wrote:

> Really? Discover seems to insist on reboot for *every* update. Apper,

> on the other hand certainly doesn't, even for system updates. I

> understand they don't get applied until rebooting.


> However, Discover seems to list lots of things as "system" which really

> aren't. I've just got notification of a SkypeForLinux update and sure

> enough, after I install it, Discover says a reboot is required. I

> understand I don't have to do it, but surely better to exclude poor

> information than simply to know, which not veryone will, that it can be

> ignored.


> Slightly annoyed of the UK

To be completely safe you really need two reboots. You do not want to change the underlying environment using the upgrade, and precisely for that reason you want to reboot after installing the updates. In my book that means two reboots to be really, really safe.

Most of the times we can get away without rebooting.

Point in case, I do not use Discover, or any other, graphical application I usually update python3-dnf-plugin-tracer.

At the end of the update tell me what programs needs to be restarted. As an example in the morning I got:


You should restart:

  * Some applications using:

      sudo systemctl restart rngd

      sudo systemctl restart udisks2

For more information run:

    sudo tracer -iat 1625724447.206398

Another time I got (kernel update):

There are:

  - 1 processes requiring reboot

For more information run:

    sudo tracer -iat 1625774903.301882

BTW for Plasma 5.22 that will be optional:

Also when searching for this link I got this:

From there it seems that running

kwriteconfig5 --file discoverrc --group Software --key UseOfflineUpdates \

--type bool false

Allows to disable that feature now.

Again IMHO the process of using two reboots in the only that will work in any situation although most of the times it is not really necessary. One example is when the updates only contain leaf applications that are not being used at the moment.

I guess that a general solution to work in all cases is very hard (because of the different indirections that can occur in the kernel/user space).




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