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Dear team,
we decided it's time to rethink our needs and redesign Fedora main website from scratch.
I would like to encourage your team to take a part in this initiative and work on this together as we need to make sure that we have everybody on board and all needs are taken into consideration.

Based on initial input I gather from Fedora forum and meeting with Matthew I prepared one page with summary of what we are going to do and it's available here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Fedora_Website_Revamp
It's possible I'll move it to other place in the future but for now it will be our workspace.

As a short term strategy I would like you to choose one representative from your team for upcoming kick-off meeting with other stakeholders and send me directly details like name, Feroda ID and e-mail address. It will be much easier for me to contact chosen person having this. Please try to do this by 30th June. I'm aware holiday period started and probably not everyone will be available but let's try to do our best and push forward this exciting initiative :)
When I have all participants gathered I'll try to find common slot to organize session for us. Agenda will be included in invitation.
Main goal of this kick-off will be to discuss known facts, go through goals, assumptions and requirements and also plan next steps for next couple of weeks.
I'll propose long term strategy, approach and wider plan after meeting with all of you.

Please read in advance https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Fedora_Website_Revamp and if you already have some requests, suggestion please send it to your representative and then each person can send it to me before kick-off. Taking into consideration we will have huge amount of stakeholders I don't see other way to work on this than having one person from each team, I hope you understand.

Looking forward to work with all of you.
Stay safe!

Pawel Zelawski
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