Re: Ghost Window Rule?

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On 17/06/2021 14:38, José Abílio Matos wrote:

On Thursday, June 17, 2021 6:18:39 AM WEST Ed Greshko wrote:

> I have window rules for several applications.  thunderbird, chrome, konsole,

> and a few others.

> I do not have a window rule for firefox.  Yet firefox always starts in

> Virtual Desktop six which, for me, is labeled "Vbox".


> Where are the window rules stored?  And what could be causing this

> behavior?

There are two options:

in the top of the window you have the "More Actions" option and there you can choose the Special Window or/and Application Settings.

I sometimes use one or the other for doing precisely that.

In order to see all those that are active you see them in the "System Settings"->"Window Management"->"Window Rules".

> Fully updated F34 system.

I hope that this helps,

Thanks for the response.  Nothing in those settings shows anything that would  cause FF to start in a given
Virtual Desktop.  Unlike doing the same with T-Bird which if I go to "Configure Special Window Settings" takes
me to the dialog showing all the rules I had previously defined for it.  :-(


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