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Hi All,
I'm going to be heavily involved with KDE on EPEL for the next year[1] and it's brought up several questions about where EPEL work falls in with the Fedora KDE SIG.

I have some things I would like to document.  Things like the KDE in EPEL update timeline and policy, and possibly package lists.  Basically have a place to point people when the same question get's asked many times.
Would that be better in the EPEL documentation area, or the KDE-SIG documentation area?

Currently I'm concerned with branching everything for the upcoming EPEL releases[1].  It's something I'd like to open an issue on, is it ok to do that on the KDE-SIG issue tracker?[2]  Is that the right place, or would there be a better place?

emails/announcements - this isn't really a problem, I just noticed that I've been sending these all just to the EPEL side of things.  I'm going to start sending them to both EPEL and the fedora kde mailing list.

Thanks for any input
Troy Dawson
p.s.  I should soon be able to attend kde-sig meetings.  I've had a conflict that will soon be changing.

[1] - CentOS Stream 8 rolling (epel8-next), RHEL 8.4 (epel8), CentOS Stream 9 rolling (epel9-next), RHEL 9.0 (epel9)
[2] - https://pagure.io/fedora-kde/SIG/issues
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