Re: How do I switch users in KDE?

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On 31/05/2021 04:54, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
According to it should be
possible to switch users from the KDE lock screen, however I don't seem
to have this functionality.

Related question: is it possible to have two different DEs on different
virtual consoles (if necessary with two distinct users)? For example,
one with KDE and another with Gnome. I know this used to be possible in
some previous iterations of KDE/Plasma, but there may be limitations
due to SDDM.


I switch between users all the time, partly due to work requirements. I am still on Fedora 33 though. Won't be changing to 34 until this is working properly.

Note, due to switching users issues with sddm, I use gdm and have not had any of the switching users issues I had before.

As for the different DE's, I can only imagine that using VM's.


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