Re: How do I switch users in KDE?

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On 31/05/2021 18:54, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
According to it should be
possible to switch users from the KDE lock screen, however I don't seem
to have this functionality.

Check back in the archives.  (I only keep 14 days of emails)

This was covered and Switch User has been disabled due to its many problems.
A way to enable was given but discouraged.

Related question: is it possible to have two different DEs on different
virtual consoles (if necessary with two distinct users)? For example,
one with KDE and another with Gnome. I know this used to be possible in
some previous iterations of KDE/Plasma, but there may be limitations
due to SDDM.

I've no idea.  But just minor thinking about it makes me wonder if there wouldn't be conflicts
in ownership of system hardware?  Which DE/session owns the audio? Network interfaces?

Remind me to ignore comments which aren't germane to the thread.

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