F34 Live KDE Hangs on Boot

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As F32 is going end-of-life, and having skipped F33 because of apparent compatibility issues with the Fedora KDE Spin, I tried a clean install of Fedora 34.

Booting from a USB of Fedora-KDE-Live-x86_64-34-1.2.iso my computer just hangs at the point it tries to start the desktop. I get a black screen with a mouse cursor. Moving the mouse does not move the cursor, the keyboard is unresponsive, the only way out I have found is to power cycle the machine. I tried several times before giving up, settling for upgrading my existing F32 installation with DNF

dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=34 --allowerasing
dnf system-upgrade reboot

That has worked as expected, although the filesystem is still ext4 of course, not the new BTRFS.

Chris R.

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