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On 18/05/2021 14:23, Troy Dawson wrote:
Menu (three lines) -> Adjust View Display Style
In "View Options" uncheck "Show in Groups"

Great, thanks, yes that is it. Weird that it seems to be the default for that, and only that folder. Personally I find when I downloaded something one of the least interesting things about it, and if I do care the tooltip popup has the created / modified / accessed times in it so I can find out very easily indeed. If you do want the folder sorted into date order so the newest stuff is at the top that's also functionality that has been available for years.  So a completely useless and annoying feature then, put in presumably solely because that is the way Windows 10 does it. Ugh!

Still, now I found out how to turn it off I am happy again.

Many thanks,
Chris R.

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