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On 17/05/2021 15:42, Patrick Boutilier wrote:
On 5/17/21 11:18 AM, Christopher Ross wrote:
Today I updated F32->F34

I have KDE configured so double clicking on a window title bar shades the window instead of maximising it. This used to be the KDE default, years ago, until it was changed to follow MS's changes to Windows.

Anyway, I now find that this works for some windows (e.g. thunderbird) but not others (e.g. dolphin). Right clicking on the title bar of KDE apps such as Dolphin I find that "More actions => shade" is greyed out.

I've checked the settings, rebooted and all that good stuff. How do I get back this feature which has been a staple of the KDE desktop for probably 20 years?

If you are running in wayland try an X11 session instead.

Yes, Wayland is the new default.
I changed it to X11 and now everything works as I expect. I can even resize windows again!

Many thanks,
Chris R.
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