Re: F34 KDE startup login task does not run

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On 5/7/21 10:15 AM, Barry Scott wrote:
I have been using a login task for a number of years with KDE.

After the upgrade to F34 KDE is no longer running my login script.

I added some logging to the script to leave evidence that it has run
and no logs are recorded.

I tried deleting the existing entry in
System Settings/Startup and Shutdown/autostart
then I added the script back in.

But that did not work.

Is there something special I need to do to make this work?
Is there a log somewhere that I can check for errors?


Mine don't work too. I've elected to make a user service file in:


For example:

# ssh-add.service
Description=ssh-add service

ExecStart=ssh-add -q %h/.ssh/id_rsa

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