Offering plasma-pk-updates as an alternative to Discover

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Hello everyone,

After updating to F34, I was unpleasantly surprised by the new Plasma update 
notifier (plasma-discover-notifier). Even though the previous plasma-pk-updates 
thing had its quirks and Apper also wasn't the most featureful of package 
managers, I still ran into a handful of issues with Discover that make it 
pretty much useless for me:

– There seems to be no way to select which updates to install. All I can see 
is a list of available updates with a button to install all of them, but no 
way to pick and choose a subset. (Yes, I could use commandline DNF with a 
whole bunch of "-x" arguments to get the job done, but the point of a GUI is 
to make things more user friendly, isn't it?)
– I can't seem to find the description of individual package updates (the short 
changelog that plasma-pk-updates shows when you click a particular package, 
together with Bugzilla or Bodhi links). Again, getting these any other way 
than through the GUI updater is a real hassle.
– The tray notifier doesn't let me actually do anything directly, I have to 
wait for it to open a full Discover window and spend a long while loading the 
updates, which is much more disruptive than the few seconds needed to trigger 
updating through plasma-pk-updates.

I can see how many people nowadays might prefer the "app store" feel of 
Discover to more traditional package managers, so I'm not saying Discover 
shouldn't be the default. However, can't we keep plasma-pk-updates as an 
alternative for those whose needs aren't covered by Discover?

Right now, one can install f34 build of plasma-pk-updates from Koji and 
everything works fine, but plasma-discover-notifier comes with Obsoletes: 
plasma-pk-updates < 0.5, which I find a tad aggressive (forcing replacement of 
not only any current version of plasma-pk-updates, but also any versions to 
come). What about changing that to only obsolete whatever the highest version 
is in F33 (so that everyone still gets the new default on upgrades), but still 
letting people manually install plasma-pk-updates on F34? It's not like 
plasma-pk-updates has a lot of dependencies or receives many new features, so 
future maintenance burden should be minimal to negligible.

Unless there's a better solution, I'll just build plasma-pk-updates on Copr 
with a bumped epoch (and Conflicts: plasma-discover-notifier). That should get 
the job done, but it would be nicer (and more discoverable) to keep it in the 
main repos.


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