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This is a very windows-like method to copy/paste text and is only useful for occasional users - not for users constantly copying and pasting.

For a long time Linux has this copy by just selecting text (called primary selection) as well regular copy/paste with keyboard or mouse right click. X11 has separate protocols for these.

Also clipboard managers exist since a long time to keep a hstory of your clipboard which is also very useful and is an instrumental feature for me. Honestly I'm baffled how many users work without this.

Now clipboard managers can be configured to put primary selection into history or not. Also they can be configured to sync clipboard and primary selection or not (so that you have something in clipboard and something else in primary selection and paste with middle click or keyboard/right-click).

Lately I tend to prefer syncing primary selection to clipboard due to issues with primary selection in browsers. If not for that, I'd keep them separate.

Anyway, the thing is that Wayland handles clipboard very differently thus window compositor and the clipboard manager need to work hard to keep existing X11 convenient behavior. From the thread it sounds like Gnome got it right already but not KDE unfortunately. Although officially it seems supported and the KDE clipboard manager `klipper` has the right options, they simply don't work for me.

I came to this mailing list to seek help, only to find out the upstream blocker bugs above. I guess I keep choosing X11 on login 2 more years until things are ironed out. I was thinking it is finally possible to migrate to Wayland but it isn't because clipboard is a show-stopper for me. Too bad Fedora switched to Wayland by default for KDE before it is ready.

I also hit other issues with kwallet being broken for me, especially under wayland the gpg dialog appears under other windows, failure to unlock wallet results in freezes, as well touchpad applet can't enable/disable touchpad.

Also kwallet is unable to work with GPG for me. Spills out invalid key or something which is not true as it worked in the past and gpg is working for me. Good that under X11 this is not distracting and I don't really use kwallet anyway.

So for any users that are bugged with strange behavior, I'd suggest to report your bugs to KDE bugzilla and switch to X11 until the next iteraiton.

So thank you for the information.
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