Another dostro with same KDE, to test bugs?

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I currently have two KDE bugs open for a few weeks but getting no attention:

Three more are likely to come once I do more reproduction testing.

I do understand the Fedora KDE team is very small so might not be able to get to all bugs, and that the bugs are likely to be from the upstream anyway. But I can't really raise them on unless I am sure they *are* upstream. And I would guess this would mean checking them in another distro, but the distro should have the same latest KDE version as Fedora has.

Could anyone please advice which distro this would be? I don't really want to go building Plasma from source.

Ideally I'd want a distro with a live boot of KDE, but if that is not possible, I do have a testing machine where I can install one. But which one should it be? Arch? Gentoo? Kubuntu?

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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