Re: ssh ask pass on F34 not working on entry

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On 4/15/21 10:53 PM, José Abílio Matos wrote:
For a long time I have a script in ~/.config/autostart-scripts/ksshaskpass

export SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/bin/ksshaskpass
ssh-add xxxxx_key < /dev/null

For F34 this is not working out of the box.

That is after entering the plasma session using ssh always asks for the pass
On the other hand if I run the last line directly, after the startup stage,
then the agent is added and it works from there.

It almost looks like that kwallet it is not opened when the autostart script

I have the same issue since F34, I thought this was a Wayland issue but I have not looked further. I thought my startup scripts in Plasma were not working but even adding them to my .profile or .bashrc it doesn't work. I wonder if this is because the ssh-agent is not yet started.

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