Pulseaudio - mutliuser issues.

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I use multiple accounts and recently a major headache has occurred with pulseaudio. My problem started last weekend.

From what I have found so far is that one account takes over a media output device.

On my present system, I use the onboard sound for all audio but the HDMI says that it has audio. Both computer monitors do have an audio output jack. Sound card is connected to 5.1 speaker system.

On average, I have two or three accounts open for work and private stuff which has worked for many years with no problems. Recently, the issue has arose that the one account I use for general day to day stuff has taken over the sound card for only it's usage.

The second account that is for work has tried to use the HDMI output but cannot even see the sound card as an option. If I restart pulseaudio, then no devices are found until I at least lock the account and log back in.

If I open a third account which I have to use for online related work, I have no sound device to use until I do a reboot.

I have looked at trouble shooting this but I am lost. Most online troubleshooting help is geared to a single account being used.

To add to the issue, I use mplayer as my main player and in the second account, it refused to work if I had tried to restart pulseaudio. It works with no sound if the HDMI/Display port is the only device as there are no speakers It is not an mplayer configuration as I have cloned the configuration from the account that works.

No changes to the /etc/pulse/* files since last November which would have been the upgrade to F33.

Where do I start?

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