Re: Disk authentication required to start up???

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On Tue, 2021-03-30 at 11:00 +0100, Mark @ GMail wrote:
> On starting up (or rebooting, obviously) this machine it always
> presents me with a box with the heading
>         Authentication is required to mount WDC
>         WD20EARX-00PASB0 (/dev/sda1)
> (screenshot attached).
> I'm running the latest versions of everything (F33 workstation, KDE
> 5.20.5) presented to me but this has been happening for a long time,
> I
> don't even remember how many Fedora versions (I started at F15 I
> think).
> It appears after the KDE login (I autostart KDE), but doesn't happen
> at
> all if I simply log out of my KDE session and then log back in.
> Normally I give it my password (not the supervisor password, though
> my
> account is in the sudo-ers group) and carry on. To send this message
> I
> have purposely *not* given it the password and haven't closed the
> window, so it's still there but everything seems to function
> normally,
> so it's even not true, the disk must be mounted (it's the only hard
> drive mounted) so the authentication is *not* required. Just closing
> the window seems to be fine, too.

I've also been seeing this occasionally for many versions of
Fedora/KDE, but less frequently now than in the past. I've no idea what
causes it sometimes and not other times as my boot and login procedures
are always the same. Some kind of race perhaps?

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