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I'm running Fedora 33 on an LG Gram 17.

I have a BenQ EX2780Q External Monitor.

If I go to System Settings --> Display and Monitor I can set the external monitor to a range of resolutions, however the resolution I want is not on the list.

I have a script I can run as root to set the resolution I want:


# cvt 2160 1200 60

xrandr --newmode "2160x1200_60.00"  217.25  2160 2312 2536 2912  1200 1203 1213 1245 -hsync +vsync

xrandr --addmode HDMI-1 "2160x1200_60.00"

xrandr --output HDMI-1 --mode "2160x1200_60.00"

However, I would like the 2160x1200 setting to be added to the list in System Settings --> Display and Monitor permanently, how do I do this?

Can I add an xorg.conf file? If so does anyone have any simple examples?


in advance

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