Request for help: dead keys with qt5

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  I am requesting help to fix an issue with dead keys with qt5.

The history is simple there is a Fedora user who uses lyx that has problems with dead keys (they do not work at all). Jorge uses Mate but the problem also persists with gnome. In private exchanges Jorge confirmed that the problem occurs with other qt5 applications and thus it is not lyx specific. Also according to OP message the problem also occurs in other distributions.

The SOLVED part of the message title is because the dead keys work if lyx is compiled with qt4 (that is also supported). We could provide both versions but it seems to much work for one single bug and in particular the qt5 port is better in other regards. At the same time after the next stable (due for some time :-) ) version is released the qt4 port will be removed.

Does anyone has some advice on how to debug this issue?

Best regards,



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