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On 09/11/2020 04:25, Gerald B. Cox wrote:
I opened a bug report here: <>

Firefox icons are missing from application launcher after upgrade.  I tried
erasing .local, .kde and .config directories and starting from scratch, but that didn't work.

The other application this is affecting is amule from the rpmfusion repo.

I also tried deleting and re-installing both firefox and amule... that didn't help either.

Is this a kde issue or an application packaging issue?

Since Fx is involved, I would think that more people would be howling about it if it were pervasive, so possibly something got smurfed in my kde configuration during the upgrade, but I would have thought doing the steps above would have corrected... so I must be missing something, but don't know what that would be.

In your BZ you say "edit applications I see the icon file, but they don't show on the desktop".
Have you tried clicking on the icon and change to a different icon to see if the change takes effect?

The key to getting good answers is to ask good questions.

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