Re: Feedback on qt5-unstable in f32

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Thinks are progressing. I was able to upgrade most of my system. Now there is an issue with kaccounts-integration and kf5-purpose.

I think you have to rebuild (after a bump of the release tag) kaccounts-integration:

[lrineau@bonnard]~% sudo dnf update
Last metadata expiration check: 0:02:48 ago on Wed 28 Oct 2020 11:21:34 AM CET.
Dependencies resolved.

 Problem: package kf5-purpose-5.75.0-1.fc32.x86_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed
  - cannot install both kaccounts-integration-20.04.1-1.fc32.x86_64 and kaccounts-integration-20.08.1-1.fc32.x86_64
  - cannot install both kaccounts-integration-19.12.2-3.fc32.x86_64 and kaccounts-integration-20.08.1-1.fc32.x86_64
  - cannot install the best update candidate for package kf5-purpose-5.74.0-1.fc32.x86_64
  - cannot install the best update candidate for package kaccounts-integration-20.08.1-1.fc32.x86_64
 Package               Arch   Version        Repository                                                         Size
Skipping packages with conflicts:
(add '--best --allowerasing' to command line to force their upgrade):
 kaccounts-integration x86_64 19.12.2-3.fc32 fedora                                                             98 k
 kaccounts-integration x86_64 20.04.1-1.fc32 updates                                                           117 k
Skipping packages with broken dependencies:
 kf5-purpose           x86_64 5.75.0-1.fc32  coprdep:https_download_copr_fedorainfracloud_org_results_mkyral_kf5_unstable_chroot
                                                                                                               416 k

Transaction Summary
Skip  3 Packages

Nothing to do.

[lrineau@bonnard]~% sudo dnf list kaccounts-integration.x86_64 kf5-purpose.x86_64 
Last metadata expiration check: 0:03:24 ago on Wed 28 Oct 2020 11:21:34 AM CET.
Installed Packages
kaccounts-integration.x86_64 20.08.1-1.fc32                     
kf5-purpose.x86_64           5.74.0-1.fc32                     
Available Packages
kf5-purpose.x86_64           5.75.0-1.fc32  coprdep:https_download_copr_fedorainfracloud_org_results_mkyral_kf5_unstable_chroot
kf5-purpose.x86_64           5.75.0-1.fc32      


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